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View Big Photos App for iPad/iPhone On iTunes AppStore


  1. Outstanding zoom viewer – unlimited lossless zoom viewer + exif and size info viewer

2. Lossless edit – resize, crop, rotate 


3. Batch processor – resize & auto square

4. Photo Reviewer – continuous viewing, saving zoom scale & physical view size.



Resize the photo to print size you like

  • Give printer DPI
  • Save as image DPI switch on
  • Adjust the width and height of new image

Photo Reviewer:

  • Create a gallery of photos you may view multiple times in details.
  • It allows you to view the image based on scale or display size. It retains the scale and viewport, so next time you open an image, it will appear exactly as last time.

Unlimited Zoom Viewer, Resize, Crop, Batch Resizer

  • Full resolution supporting large images
  • Keep details

Info by Big Photos – extension for iOS Photos app.

New Features:

Discover picture fro video:

When you pick a video, Big Photos will launch video player to play the video, if the video is stored in iCloud, it will first download this video, so you will see a spinner for waiting. Once the video is playing, you can pause or fast scroll at your favorite frames, tap select. Then you will be given around 10 frames to choose from. Tap the one you like, or tap the Done button. This picture will be extracted and display on home screen, you can edit or just save it.

Horizontal Photo Selection Scroller:

Crop with locking custom aspect ratio assist. Optimized for with 4” retina display! Support big pictures and large images.

If you find the app behaves very oddly, delete it and reinstall. Things will be OK.
It is because AppStore downloads and installs incorrectly. Small chance, does happen.
To allow access your photo library through Big Photos:
If you are running on iOS 5.x, chances are that you need to go to the device “Settings”=>”Location Services”=>”Big Photos”==>On
If you are running iOS 6, you may need to go to the device “Settings”=>”Privacy”=>”Photos”=>”Big Photos”=>On
Big Photos allows you to view pictures of ANY sizes at full resolution with unlimited zoom in/out and highest quality. Precisely crop with exact coordinates and pixel sizes, with or without locking custom aspect ratio. Accurately enlarge (like digital zoom) or downsize pictures with exact pixel sizes with or without locking aspect ratio. Automatically save your cropped, enlarged or downsized pictures back to your Camera Roll.

Capable of big pictures and large images: iPhone 4S/iPad 2 – 74MP+ for unlimited detail zooming. 56MP+ for resize and crop – sum up the sizes of source and result images. For other devices, adjust the sizes accordingly.

Work as your device’s universal image tool: for images in your emails or other apps, “Open in…” Big Photos to get detailed zoom and edit. Support Import and Export image files through iTunes File Sharing.

Big Photos combination of features extends the capabilities of other great photo apps given its special algorithm to deal with big pictures or large images. It is also an essential tool for iPhone 4/4S/5 not only because of its wonderful zoom viewer, but also you can use crop and enlarge to achieve better results than you use iPhone camera’s real time digital zoom.

★★★★★ “I am thrilled to have this tool. Thank you to the developers of Big Photo.” – HallYoung@Art, USA

“An undiscovered gem of utility” –

★★★★★ “Great app that resizes photos to 200%+ their original size without ruining their quality. Resulting output is similar to that of resizing algorithms in Photoshop. I use this app daily and it always gives me what I want in a timely, stable manner. This app is truly a useful and prized tool in my arsenal of photo apps.” – M., U.S.A

★★★★★ “5 stars for ability to zoom in really close and crop a small portion of a photo in high quality and custom dimensions. The slow and clunky user interface has been fixed in the recent version. It is now a joy to use, and tremendously useful.” – Maria, Greece

★★★★★ “There are a number of creative apps that are really useful but lack decent resolution output. Big Photo does an excellent job or sampling up and making those other apps more creatively useful… For the iPhone camera output and other ordinary camera apps shooting at the standard 8 million pixels the software easily deals with scaling up with great results. A much needed tool for mobile art and photography. Highly recommend.” – Poetry, UK


In addition to access your Camera and existing Photo Library, Big Photo also provides document interaction support so you can launch Big Photo to handle pictures or images from within your other apps that support document interaction.

Better yet, for advanced users, you can transfer your pictures between your PC/Mac and Big Photo’s iTunes File Sharing folder. For instructions how to use iTunes File Sharing, see

Support file formats:png, jpg (jpeg), gif, tif (tiff), bmp, ico, cur, xbm.

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1. Photo Selection Scroller

In “Menu Mode” – i.e. when the menu bar is showing,  swipe up/down/left/right, Photo Selection Bar will pull down or fade out.

This Photo Selection Bar is a horizontal scroller to show your Camera Roll or any currently selected photo album. You swipe left or right to scroll through your Camera Roll or any photo album. Tap on any photo icon to select for viewing or editing.

2.Take picture with Big Photo

Tap on Camera Icon, Camera will open for you to take a shot.

3. View pictures of ANY sizes with unlimited zoom

Common touch gestures support on big pictures and large images:

  • Pinch in/out to zoom in and out.
  • Press and Hold on spot,  you will zoom right into the spot with full resolution and 100% zoom.
  • Double tap on the picture, you will zoom right into the spot with full resolution and 100% zoom, or the picture will zoom out to a complete view fit on the screen.
  • Pan left, right, up, down to shift the view port of the picture.

When you have pictures or images over 20 megapixels, most photo apps will work on the downsized versions of those assets. Big Photo will allow you to gradually examine those assets in its original resolutions, up to pixel level.

4. Crop with precision

Big Photo allows you to crop your big pictures in its original resolutions so your cropped pictures will keep much more pixels than you can get by cropping the downsized versions of the big pictures.

5. Accurate Scale – Enlarge or Shrink 

With Big Photo, you can enlarge or scale down your original or cropped pictures to any sizes you like to. The enlarged or downsized pictures will be saved to Camera Roll automatically.

6. Import from or Export to Documents folder


Gilles Vollant Minizip project

Roy Marmelstein

Marcus Kida

Jeff Mascia

kishikawa katsumi

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Big Photos Q/A & Support

Questions & Answers

  1. Question: I have trouble changing photos or accessing the menu.  Answer: If your image is full screen mode, double tap it, you will see all menu items. On iPad, you can either swipe to show/hide the sliding photo picker, and pick a photo, or tap “Photo” on the bottom. On iPhone, you may tap the “Photo”. There is a menu switcher – the left side on bottom menu bar. In case you disabled access to your photos, you may go to iOS Settings, choose “Privacy”, choose “Photos”, turn on “Big Photo” switch.
  2. Question: how do I “Open in Big Photo…” from email? Answer: if you are using the iOS email app, you may press & hold the image attachment, from the pop, you can select “Open in Big Photo” or tap on “…More” to turn on “Open in Big Photo”
  3. Question: I want to use Big Photo to change dpi from 72 to 300 for printing. When I try to do this the size of the file in megabytes reduces dramatically from say 2mb to 800kb. How can I maintain full resolution as I am merely rearranging the pixels not deleting or adding them. Thanks. Answer: In Resize menu, you do not change any size or scale, just change to DPI to your desired number, then click “Resize” to generate a new picture which has different DPI & the rest is the same.
  4. Question:  I cannot save edited image right on my iPad. Answer:  In case you disabled access to your photos, you may go to iOS Settings, choose “Privacy”, choose “Photos”, turn on “Big Photo” switch. In Big Photo, you may tap “Save Photo” or the red ball badge.

If you can not find your answer, please contact us:

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Big Photos vs. TIFF Images

Big Photos can handle TIFF images properly.

Here is an example, you download sample abc.tiff file with “Download 2i” app, choose “Big Photo” app to open this TIFF file:
Photo Mar 30, 10 44 18 AM

“Big Photo” app launched with abc.tiff, check “Photo Info”:
Photo Mar 30, 10 44 37 AM

“Big Photo” zoom in/out OK:
Photo Mar 30, 10 53 48 AM

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User Agent for Web Explorer

In the world of web browsers, “User Agent” is used to identify the web browser, i.e. browser engine, version, running OS, device types etc.

When a website receives web page request from a web browser, it may send back different content for different web browsers. For example, will return at least three different home web pages for mobile Safari running on iPhone, mobile Safari running on iPad, and desktop Safari running Mac. The reason, it will be presented on different devices for best layout and viewing experiences. Another reason, mobile Safari does not support Adobe Flash, but desktop Safari does. But mobile Safari can play HTML 5 videos, so the web site will send a customized content to mobile Safari. Because the screen sizes of iPhone and iPad are different, Yahoo will send different versions of its home page to iPhone users and iPad users. When your browser requests a web page, it will send a “User Agent” string to the web sites to give the browser information. Based on your browser’s User Agent string, web sites will know what kind of browser you are using, then best version of the requested web page will be sent back to your browser.

How about if you want to view desktop version of Yahoo home page on your iPhone?

“Web Explorer” supports “User Agent” setting, so you can set it to pretend it is like a desktop Safari. To do this, you tap on “…”
iOS Simulator Screen shot Jan 18, 2013 5.20.35 PM

Then tap “Set”.

Normally you should set it back to “Default User Agent” in case you experience any problems. Because “Web Explorer” is a mobile browser based mobile “Safari” engine. It does not support some desktop Safari functions.

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How to find my iPhone IP address

What is IP address: An IP address is a unique numerical identifier that tells your computer/smart device where other computers/smart devices are located on the network, and vise versa. IP address appear in the form of, though each grouping can be as short as a single digit.

Where to look up my iPhone IP address: The iPhone is a multifunctional smart phone device that, in addition to making phone calls, allows users to browse the Internet, send email, download applications, listen to music and take pictures. When connected to the Internet, the iPhone is assigned an Internet Protocol, or IP, address. An IP address is used to identify different machines that are connected to a network. You can find the IP address on your iPhone by examining the “Settings” menu:

  • Tap the “Wi-Fi” option in the “Settings” menu. Note that your iPhone must be connected to the Internet to have an IP address. If you are not connected to the Internet, tap one of the available networks listed under “Choose a Network” and connect to it.
  • Click the blue arrow icon adjacent to the name of the network your iPhone is connected to. Your IP address is shown as the first item in the list.

With DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) tab, you might see a list like (as an example, yours may be different):

  • IP Address            
  • Subnet Mask        
  • Router                   
  • DNS                        
  • Search Domains
  • Client ID

Here is the example IP address.

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College Contacts + Emailer


View College Contacts + emailer on iTunes App Store

1. 3886+ US, Canada Colleges and Universities with complete contact information:

✔ Touch the phone number to make a call (iPhone)
✔ Touch the school web link to browse home page with built-in browser.
✔ Touch the email address to send email within the app.

2. Send email with preloaded templates. Built-in templates:

✔ Request for College Information
✔ Request for Academic Program Information
✔ Schedule for Campus Tour
✔ Reference Letter for Scholarship

3. Build your own school list. The App has preloaded with most popular school lists such as:
✔ Top 50 Universities
✔ Top 50 Liberal Arts Colleges
✔ Top Business Schools
✔ Top Computer Engineering Schools

Send email to all selected schools with single tap. You can also choose built-in template to send to the email list.

You can add, delete schools of your own school list. However, the built-in school list can not be changed.
4. Export school information to your Contacts (on the device or iCloud). All exported contacts will be put in the “College Contacts” group. With the school contact, standard Contacts features are available:

✔ Send Message
✔ FaceTime
✔ Share Contact

5. Choose logo for school: from photo library, web image search results, web link or camera (iPhone). The built-in web logo search is very fun. You have to try it.

6. Fast search of school with “Name”, “City”, “State”.

7. Last one, also the best of all, we have built in web support page.

NOTE: the email template is for saving your typing. You need to carefully edit the email for your own situation.

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COLLEGE PORTAL for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

View COLLEGE PORTAL for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch in App Store 


– Based on May 2012 data released by FAFSA.GOV for YEAR 2012 – 2013. Not just US domestic schools, but also schools in other 39 countries/regions.

Not just top notch colleges, universities or graduate schools, but also community colleges, job training programs even including beauty academy, bible school etc.

– Instant search results display. Search name, Federal School Code (FAFSA), Zip, and city.

– Press and hold the email address on the webpage, send email for questions or program catalogs.

– Mail the web page link to yourself or someone else.

– Add email address on the web page to your contact for future use.

If you are looking for colleges, universities, graduate schools, associate degrees, career training or secondary education with Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) program, COLLEGE PORTAL is the ‘MUST HAVE’ App you should download. It is fast and easy.

Browse and search through latest FAFSA recognized 7276 colleges, graduate schools, secondary education institutions in 40 countries including US, Canada, England, Australia…

You have so many choices you may not be aware of yet. All of 7276 schools are in Free Application for Federal Student Aid program.
Not only in US, but also including total 40 countries!

Get FAFSA code, check location, browse their admission office website.

Search by Name, FAFSA code, Zip, City.

The search UI is so responsive that you can see the results instantly while you type! Check out the screen shots.

Once you find the admission web page, you send email for catalog or brochures, even ask questions. Add contact to your own contacts!

Email yourself or someone else of the interesting school you find.

Premium features: easy navigation – fast up/down, web page browsing , email link, remove ads.

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How to fix iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 battery issue?

Recently some iPhone 4S users, and some iPhone 4 users who upgraded to iOS 5, experienced terrible battery drain. The causes of the battery drain may be different for different cases. Here is what I experienced.

My wife has an iPhone 4 bought August 2011. Recently my daughter upgraded my wife’s iPhone 4 with iOS 5 to use iTunes Match feature. I don’t remember since when, my wife started crying for the battery drain.
We try various adjustments to the settings and can not figure out why. Accidentally, I noticed her phone is doing the iTunes WiFi Sync when we come back home from outside. So I stop the auto sync feature. Since then, every full charge will work for a long time.

By the way, my iPhone 4S always works great!

Hope this may be helpful to you.

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Download 2i

The best mobile browser for travelers:
Browser 2Go

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How many iPhones did Sprint activate in December 2011 quarter?

Apple Reports First Quarter Results
Information highlights:
The Company sold 37.04 million iPhones in the quarter.
International sales accounted for 58 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

Let start with the guess work:
1. Assume total domestic iPhone sales are 42% of total iPhone sales:
Total domestic iPhone sales = 0.42×37.04M = 15.56M
2. AT&T sold 7.6M
3. Verizon 4.2M

Therefore, Sprint and the other US carriers sold:
15.55M-11.8M = 3.75M

Since Sprint is the only major carrier other than AT&T and Verizon,
we can safely assume:
Sprint sold 3.75Mx0.75 = 2.81M
Minus or plus 0.5M

Therefore, Sprint should activate about 2.8M-3.0M iPhones in December quarter of 2011.

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Browser 2Go:

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Transfer Files Between Your Mac and iPhone Apps (Wi-Fi)

To allow file transfer between your Mac and iPad/iPhone app like Browser 2Go or Download 2i, you first enable “File Sharing” on your Mac, insider your System Preference, click “Sharing”, Click “File Sharing”, Click on “Options”, Select “Share files and folders using FTP”, as shown in the following screenshot:

You need also to set the file folder for sharing. Then you will notice the FTP server location of your Mac, it is in the screenshot. That could be different from your Mac FTP server location.

From Browser 2Go or Download 2i, enter your Mac’s FTP server location in the web address bar, like in the following screen shot, (you need to enter your Mac user account and password):

Click “Login”, then you will connect to your Mac. Now, you can download files from your Mac sharing folder to your iPad/iPhone, or upload files from Browser 2Go or Download 2i on iPad/iPhone to your Mac.

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