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  1. ~chris says:

    Love Big Photo, but can you please hide the top black menu bar? I do a lot of screen dumps on the iPad…the menu is a nuisance…

  2. Rafi Yoeli says:

    I am very disappointed with “Big Photo” but perhaps I am doing something wrong: from what I understood this program would have a function similar to ‘Photoshop’, where it would actually increase the dpi and insert new pixels between existing ones so that when the original low res (e.g. 72 dpi) photo would be enhanced, then if the result is viewed on the iPad 3 screen or if one zooms in, the quality and smoothness of the picture would increase. Instead — I may indeed have a larger size picture memory wise after the size increase but when I zoom on to details I don’t see any change in quality (if anything– it’s worse). This is very different from my experience with Adobe’s Photoshop. Please explain what I am doing wrong.

    • zynsoft says:

      Big Photo will indeed increase or decrease your picture sizes, i.e. pixels, when you use “Resize” function. This is similar to Adobe’s Resize function. You may test this with a small picture 300×300. On your computer, you use any image processor including Adobe’s, to resize it to 600×600, transfer both images to your ipad. Then, use Big Photo to resize the 300×300 image to generate a 600×600 image. You will find that the 600×600 generated on your computer is about the same as the 600×600 generated by Big Photo on your ipad.

      • Rafi Yoeli says:

        Thanks. I’ll check this.

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  3. dbrondeau says:

    I really like Bog Photo’s resizing capabilities, but I don’t like that it strips all the EXIF data out of my photo. This is a big pain because I store my photos in Photo Manager Pro, but without the original creation date or edit date, my photos are out of order.
    Any chance you can fix this?

  4. MacAzur says:

    I am very disappointed because I cannot save edited image right on my iPad or to a cloud account, no computer to sync with iTunes.

  5. Michael says:

    iOS 11.3 iPad Pro 10.5
    I cannot share my photos (51MP medium format Hasselblad) from the iOS app PHOTOS to Big Photo. It does not start. Nothing happens. On the other hand importing the same photo INSIDE Big Photo works well.

  6. I am an artist and technologist. Would you please incorporate Anti-aliasing as a Big Photo feature please? It would take a low resolution image, but interpolate the additional pixels added to make a clearer, larger, output picture. This would address the problem/missing-feature brought up by other users regarding output quality. There are already-made algorithm available that I believe are open source. What an incredible and powerful app this would be with such a future! I haven’t been able to find such an iOS app and is sorely needed!

    Best regards, William Lepley

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