Transfer Files Between Your Mac and iPhone Apps (Wi-Fi)

To allow file transfer between your Mac and iPad/iPhone app like Browser 2Go or Download 2i, you first enable “File Sharing” on your Mac, insider your System Preference, click “Sharing”, Click “File Sharing”, Click on “Options”, Select “Share files and folders using FTP”, as shown in the following screenshot:

You need also to set the file folder for sharing. Then you will notice the FTP server location of your Mac, it is in the screenshot. That could be different from your Mac FTP server location.

From Browser 2Go or Download 2i, enter your Mac’s FTP server location in the web address bar, like in the following screen shot, (you need to enter your Mac user account and password):

Click “Login”, then you will connect to your Mac. Now, you can download files from your Mac sharing folder to your iPad/iPhone, or upload files from Browser 2Go or Download 2i on iPad/iPhone to your Mac.

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