How to fix iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 battery issue?

Recently some iPhone 4S users, and some iPhone 4 users who upgraded to iOS 5, experienced terrible battery drain. The causes of the battery drain may be different for different cases. Here is what I experienced.

My wife has an iPhone 4 bought August 2011. Recently my daughter upgraded my wife’s iPhone 4 with iOS 5 to use iTunes Match feature. I don’t remember since when, my wife started crying for the battery drain.
We try various adjustments to the settings and can not figure out why. Accidentally, I noticed her phone is doing the iTunes WiFi Sync when we come back home from outside. So I stop the auto sync feature. Since then, every full charge will work for a long time.

By the way, my iPhone 4S always works great!

Hope this may be helpful to you.

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How many iPhones did Sprint activate in December 2011 quarter?

Apple Reports First Quarter Results
Information highlights:
The Company sold 37.04 million iPhones in the quarter.
International sales accounted for 58 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

Let start with the guess work:
1. Assume total domestic iPhone sales are 42% of total iPhone sales:
Total domestic iPhone sales = 0.42×37.04M = 15.56M
2. AT&T sold 7.6M
3. Verizon 4.2M

Therefore, Sprint and the other US carriers sold:
15.55M-11.8M = 3.75M

Since Sprint is the only major carrier other than AT&T and Verizon,
we can safely assume:
Sprint sold 3.75Mx0.75 = 2.81M
Minus or plus 0.5M

Therefore, Sprint should activate about 2.8M-3.0M iPhones in December quarter of 2011.

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Transfer Files Between Your Mac and iPhone Apps (Wi-Fi)

To allow file transfer between your Mac and iPad/iPhone app like Browser 2Go or Download 2i, you first enable “File Sharing” on your Mac, insider your System Preference, click “Sharing”, Click “File Sharing”, Click on “Options”, Select “Share files and folders using FTP”, as shown in the following screenshot:

You need also to set the file folder for sharing. Then you will notice the FTP server location of your Mac, it is in the screenshot. That could be different from your Mac FTP server location.

From Browser 2Go or Download 2i, enter your Mac’s FTP server location in the web address bar, like in the following screen shot, (you need to enter your Mac user account and password):

Click “Login”, then you will connect to your Mac. Now, you can download files from your Mac sharing folder to your iPad/iPhone, or upload files from Browser 2Go or Download 2i on iPad/iPhone to your Mac.

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FotoMed Features

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FotoMed HD for iPad / FotoMed for iPhone

This is an utility app that allows you compare your photo with health and medical images from trusted web resources, or compare your own photos (such as skin conditions) taken at different times.

You can take picture with phone camera, select photo from existing albums, or get web image from bookmarks.

You can search health and medical images then retrieve, bookmark the images or launch Safari to view the original web page.

You can zoom in/out, rotate, pan photo/image for better viewing experience. You can tap a picture to view it with more transparency. This allows you to compare two overlapped images.

As a convenience, you can also browse all popular health topics on the MedlinePlus mobile website, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. You can also retrieve or tag interesting images of any health topics.

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